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About Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center ?

Kids Neuro Clinic and Rehab Center is the first and only stand alone pediatric neurology center located in Dubai, UAE. It is dedicated to the care and help of pediatric patients who suffer from neurological diseases and their families in the Middle East. 

We aim to increase the awareness of this specialty that many patients’ families don’t know that it even exists. Therefore, many patients don’t get the specialized care they deserve for their neurological diseases. 
We tried to collect a wealth of trusted medical information and resources for patients and their families under the patient education section. We also tried to collect and organize trusted medical information and resources for medical professionals who deal with kids suffering from neurological diseases. Physicians are strongly encouraged to join our mailing list to receive monthly updates in the field of child neurology. 
Finally, we will try our best to answer and direct families and medical professionals via our free and unique online consultation service, Ask Dr Alsayouf a Question?



Our Vision?

Our vision is to provide an exceptional care to pediatric neurology patients without exception. To help build a solid and up to date online resource, dedicated to child neurology field in an area with limited number of child neurologists and scarce online resources for such specialized field. We strongly believe in team work and in highly specialized care and we aim to expand our online as well as clinical service beyond UAE to include the whole Middle East area.Child neurology field is very underserved in UAE with few well trained child neurologist. 



Area We Serve?

We look forward to serving whole UAE and its 7 Emirates: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah,and Al Ain.Patients also in neighbor countries like SaudiaArabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Turkeyand Iran are also very welcomed to visit our center. Our goal to make ACNUAE center the mecca of child neurology in the Middle East and we are committed to build a comprehensive center of excellence in pediatric neurology.



What is Child Neurology?

Child neurology, also called pediatric neurology, is the medical subspecialty devoted to the diagnosis and care of children and families affected by disorders of the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles.

Pediatric neurologists may also see children with educational, behavioral and psychiatric disorders in consultation. Child neurologists train in pediatrics and neurology for a minimum of five years after graduating from medical school. Many child neurologists undertake additional years of fellowship training in highly specialized areas.
The disorders diagnosed and treated by child neurologists include but not limited to, headaches, cerebral palsy, developmental delay, epilepsy and seizures, metabolic disorders (inborn errors of metabolism), movement disorders, neuromuscular disorders, ADHD, cognitive problems, sleep problems, neurodegenerative disorders, genetic disorders,medical aspects of head injuries and brain tumors, and autism.

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